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Add participants

Remove participants

Add participant list

Remove participant list

Add participants

Step 1

Go to the site where you want to add participants and click on "Site info" in the left menu, and thereafter "Add participants".


Step 2

To be able to add a participant to a site you need to know his/her user ID. If you don't know it you can search for it in the search function. Type in the first and last name and click the search button. NOTE! You can only search for employees and students at SU with the search function. If you want to add a participant from another university/college, or a user with a "guest account" you need to type in the user ID directly in the box below.


If you are unsure what the persons first and last name is, or if you are unsure how it's spelled, enter as much you are confident about in the search field. When you find the right person in the search results, click the green plus sign.


Step 3

When you click the green plus sign the persons user ID is added to the box below. This box contains all users that will be added to the site. If you had known the person's username, you had instead been able to enter it manually in this box. OBS! This box should only contain User ID's, and NOT email addresses (which may look similar). Hover over the icon with the "i" for more information about this.


If you want to add more people, you can either add more people using the search function or by adding them manually to the list. In this example, I add three additional users.

Step 4

Choose if you want all the participants you are adding to have the same or different roles. In most cases you want the participants to have the roles participant/student role on the site. But if there would've been a teacher on the list you could choose "Assign each participant a role individually". In this example all should have the same role (student). I therefore choose "Assign all participants to the same role".

Then click on "Continue".


Step 5

Select the role you want the paricipants to have on the site and click on "Continue".


Step 6

Select whether participants should receive an email notification that they have been added to the site.


Step 7

Click on "Finish" to confirm that the the users should be added.


Now you get to the start of the "Site Info". The new users you added will now appear in the list of site participants.

Remove participants

Go to the site that has the participants that you want to remove, click on "Site Info" in the left menu. To remove a participant (either manually added, or who became a member through an automatic link), check the box on the right side of the participant's name in the column "Remove" and click "Update Participants".


If the participant, that should be removed, gained access to the site via a LADOK participant list he/she should be deregistered from the course. In that way he/she will automatically be removed from the list of particiapants on the site. Such members of the site has no check box for "Remove". If it is important that the student immediately is prevented from having access to the site, before is is deregistered, you can instead change the status to "inactive". This means that the student will be included in the participant list until he/she has been deregistered from the course in LADOK, but will not be able to access the site.

Add a participant list

NOTE! This option is only available on course sites, and not on project sites. All students that are registered in a course can be downloaded in to the course site by adding to the roster from LADOK.

Step 1

Go to the site that you want to add a participant list to. Click on "Site Info" in the left menu and "Edit Class Roster(s)".


Step 2

Click on "Add Roster(s)".


Step 3

Locate your participant list using the course code. Once you find it, check the box to the left.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Continue".


Step 4

Now you see which list(s) you will be adding. Note that even though you selected only one list it may result in that more than one or more sub lists are imported. These sub lists may contain re-registered students and students attending a course over many periods.

Confirm by clicking "Add Class(es)".


Step 5

Now you should see the Site Info main page where you see which participants are connected to the site. If there are students registered on the course through LADOK, these should now appear in this list.

Remove a participant list

Step 1

Go to the site where you want to remove a participant from. Click on "Site Info" in the left menu and then "Edit Class Roster(s)".


Step 2

Select the participant lists you want to remove and click "Update".