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What is Announcements?

The Announcements tool can be used to post messages on a site. The messages posted by Announcements can be set to reach all of the site members or be specified to reach only certain groups (given that groups have been previously created). Messages in Announcements can have attachments, such as documents or images, as well as links to other parts of the site (or outside the site). You can set the date and time a message in announcements will be posted, and these messages can be set to reach the site members via e-mail as well. All announcements posted from this tool are stored and can be viewed from within the tool, and the latest announcements will be visible on the first page of your site (Home).

Suggestions for use

The Announcement tool is good to use when you want to inform all site members about news, changes, instructions, events, assignments and so on.

Things to consider

  • Only users with the role Teacher or Owner have permission to create announcement messages, while remaining site participants have reading permissions.
  • The tool is made for one-way communication, meaning there is no way to reply to an announcement message. If you want to allow for two-way communication, a tool like Forums or Messages might be more suitable.

An example on how notifications look like in the "Home" view of the site

Exempel på notiser