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What is Blog?

Using Blog, participants are given the opportunity to create their own blog which allows for writing and reflecting on their own learning process. A blog is personal and every participant on a site can create one when the tool is activated. When writing an entry, the author can decide whether every other participant on the site or strictly the ones with the role of teacher and owner are going to be able to read it. The author also decides if commenting is enabled or not.

Suggestions for use

Blog works beautifully as a tool for reflection and contemplation. An often used function is to have students/participants write entries which others then comment on, and in doing so provide the original author with feedback.

Things to consider

  • The name/title of the blog cannot be changed.
  • You cannot create multiple blogs, one participant has one blog per site.
  • Entries you write while browsing another blog, are still published on your own blog.
  • You can comment on other blogs, if you have been given those permissions.
  • If you delete a published blog-entry, site administrators can re-create it.
  • If you delete a comment you have written, it is permanently erased.

The tool Forums offer similar possibilities for interaction (to post text and comment on each others entries). The major difference is that in a blog it is the author who's the focal point. In Forums it is the topic of the discussion that is the focal point and several different topics can be discussed in different forums.

An example how blog posts with comments can look like

An example how blog posts with comments can look like