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What is Schedule?

This tool is a digital schedule, in which you can add events for important deadlines, seminars, exams and other important happenings during a course.

Suggestions for use

Besides displaying activities during a course, you can use this tool to direct an event to a certain group on your site (assumes that you already have created groups on you site). If your organization is using TimeEdit, you can import schedules from it to Mondo. You can also import and display schedules from other sites to your site.

Links to user guides:

Make events only available to certain groups

Things to consider

  • Avoid duplicating work! The Schedule in Mondo is good to use if it is the main tool for scheduling. If you already are using another system, or if you prefer to create schedules in a PDF-document or similar, it might be better to put links on the sites Home page or in the tool Syllabus.
  • It is possible to get a printable version of the schedule.
  • You can view the schedule as a list of events or by day, week, month or year.
  • Give the students a quicker overview of the schedule by using the different icons for different types of activities.

An example of the schedule tool

An example of the schedule tool