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What is Chat room?

The tool Chat room can be used for simple text-based realtime communication between active participants on a site. Teachers can create multiple "chat-rooms" that allows for multiple "rooms" for communication.

Suggestions for use

It can be fitting to activate the chat-tool if site participants need to perform rapid discussions in realtime. Every entry is published moments after it has been submitted. If the course includes group work, you may want to create chat rooms for each group where students can communicate about the work. Teachers can use the Chat room to answer questions instead of having a physical meeting or waiting by the phone.

Things to consider

  • The chat rooms tends not to be that much used if few students are logged into the system at the same time. The more students, or if student cannot meet at campus the value of the chat room increases.
  • Every entry is published in chronological order. That means it can become "messy" if many participants submit text at the same time in the same chat room. It could therefore be good to create multiple chat rooms to minimize the amount of students/participants in the same chat room.
  • Chat rooms don't have any structure/hierarchy, everything happens in a chronological order.
  • If you as teacher choose to answer questions in the Chat room tool, make sure to emphasize at what time you'll be there (to avoid having students thinking you'll be there 24/7).
  • If you want the communication to be more organized, the tool Forums might offer more proper features.
  • Students can be assigned permissions to create their own chat rooms.

An example of the chat tool

An example of the chat tool