Drop Box

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What is Drop Box?

The Drop Box tool can be used for submitting assignments on a site, but can also be used for submitting documents that will not be graded. Teachers have the ability to individually share documents with each student. Each student is given a personal folder that only the student and the teacher can access. Moreover, the interface and functionality is similar to the tool Resources.

Suggestions for use

This tool can be used to allow for submitting assignments, such as documents, audio files, images and other material that does not demand any further information or feedback from teacher to student. The students can only view what they submitted themselves, while teachers can access submissions from every student.

Things to consider

  • If you need a tool to administrate assignments, the Assignments tool is better and have more functionality. In Assignments you can set a submission date, automatically check for plagiarism, leave comments, see history information and grade the assignments.
  • This tool needs to be activated after site participants are added to the site. If you have added participants after this tool has been activated, de-activate the tool and activate it again to have the tool create folders for the new participants.
  • Students cannot see other students' submissions.
  • When new files are added to Drop Box a small star is shown on the right hand side of the folder.
  • Folders that are manually created in Drop Box cannot be made visible to students. Use the tool Resources if you want to share files with more than one student.
  • If you want to allow for site members to upload and share files, the tool Resources is often a better choice.

An example of the teachers view of the dropbox tool

An example of the teachers view of the dropbox tool