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What is Forums?

Forums is a tool for communication and interaction between site participants. An unlimited number of conversations can be created on a site.

Suggestions for use

With the help of Forums, site participants can discuss different topics. As teacher you can monitor all activities within the tool. Try to limit forums and topics to a reasonable number so it doesn't appear confusing and messy. If you have created groups of participants on your site, you can utilize those in Forums and make group-specific forums/topics. A few of the most common uses of forums are:

  • Questions and answers - Students are given the opportunity to ask questions to a teacher.
  • Online-seminars - Participants can take part in discussions either in smaller groups or together.
  • Group-forums - To facilitate group work or team work.

Links to user guides:

Create forums for discussions

Group specific forums and topics

Temporary forums and topics

Things to consider

  • A common mistake made by teachers is to create a forum for each topic which tends to make the forum difficult to overview and also results in very slow loading times. In most cases it is enough to create different topics in one forum.
  • You as a teacher should create the needed forums and topics. Then students can post their comments below the relevant topic. Try to avoid giving students permissions to create forums and topics since this tends to be more confusing for students, and the structure becomes difficult to overview and manage.
  • Forums are only visible to students if they have "subjects" in them.

Forums is based on a hierarchy with the following logical structure:

Hierarchical levels in the forum tool

An example of a discussion in the forum tool

Hierarchical levels in the forum tool