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What is Gradebook?

With Gradebook it is possible to calculate and store grades and distribute them online to site participants. With the help of a grade book a teacher can gather student results in one place for students to see. Grades from the tools Assignments and Test and quizzes can automatically be integrated and shown in the Gradebook.

Suggestions for use

Gradebook is a powerful tool for collecting grades and communicating them to the students.

Things to consider

  • Note that this tool is called "Markbook" when using british english in Mondo, but "Gradebook" when using american english.
  • It is not possible to export grades from Gradebook to LADOK.
  • If the course has many assignments, it could be useful to create categories based on assignment type or which part of the course they belong to.

A listing of grades in the student view

A listing of grades in the student view