Known Issues

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Here you can read about known bugs and other problems and possible solutions in Mondo (version 2.8.1) that was released on the 18th of June 2014. It is recommended that you use Mondo in Mozilla Firefox, where Mondo works best.

Forum posts sometimes end up in the wrong topic: If a user has been reading a post in Topic A, and then directly goes to topic B (in the same forum, or another) and creates a new post - the post will end up in topic A. A workaround to this problem is to first click on the blue "reset" button with the two arrows which is located on the top of the page - and then create the new post.

Malfunctioning links: It is not possible to use external links in the tools Syllabus or Web content. Links to webpages within the university web does however work if you put "https://" in the beginning. For example: "".

Podcasts: If you try to change the title or the date for an already uploaded podcast, you will get an error message saying wrong date format. The only way to get pasted this is to delete the file and uploading it again.

Site administration / Creating sites: In Mondo version 2.8 it is only possible to create course sites for courses given by the department you belong to. It is no longer possible to create a course site that belongs to another department without asking a course administrator from that department to create the site and add you as a teacher on the site.

Assignments: The tool Assignments 2 is now called Assignments. If you get an error message that you are not authorized to use the tool Assignments, it is because the site in question was created prior to July 2012 (or is a copy of such a site). Helpdesk can help you solve this problem.

VFU portfolio: In the VFU portfolio template some extra tools are created.

Receiving emails (including notifications) for users not employed or registered as students at Stockholm University: Users that are not employed or registered as students at Stockholm University must log in to Mondo at least once to be able to receive emails from Mondo. The first time a user logs in, the users email address is stored in Mondo. If the users email address is changed, it will automatically be changed the next time the user logs in to Mondo. Note that this is not the case for employees and registered students at Stockholm University.

The one who creates course sites are always given the role Teacher: If you have the role as course administrator for a course, you will always get the role Teacher on the sites you create. This is only a problem if site participants assume that you are the teacher on the course. To change this you click on Site Info in the menu to the left on the specific course site and change your role from Teacher to Administrator and save the change. Note that the authorities in Mondo for participants with the roles Teacher and Administrator are much the same.

Adding images on the Home page: It is not possible to add images on the Home page (i.e. the first page that is shown when you go to a site) if it is done directly via the menu “Home ->Options” because you cannot use the OK button. Instead you can add images to the Home page via “Site Info -> Edit Site Information“.

Warning messages in Mondo: In certain situations you can encounter warning messages while using Mondo. Most warnings are harmless, however you should always read and understand the messages before you act upon them. The most common messages are:

  1. When using the web browser Internet Explorer you might get a warning about secure and unsecure objects being mixed. Normally this happens when site owners are using links to external content on unencrypted web servers. (Mondo is always on an encrypted web server.) Normally this isn´t a problem.
  2. When using the sound recording function in the tool Test and quiz you get a question if you want to accept downloading a Java applet, whose authenticity cannot be verified. You can always accept this Java applet to be downloaded.

Problems opening PDF-files: Many documents are saved as PDF-files and you need e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from external link: If you still have problems opening PDF-files in Mondo you could try to update your web browser to the latest version.