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What is Email Archive?

Every course site is created with an email address that you can access in the tool Email Archive. Sending an email to this address will make Mondo forward that message to all site participants and administrators via email. All emails sent via this address will be archived in Email Archive.

Suggestions for use

The Email Archive enables teachers to send emails to one email address to reach out to all site participants. Since all email sent to this email address are archived in Mondo teachers can easily get an overview of previous mailings to site participants.

Things to consider

  • You cannot use this tool to send emails to individuals on your site. All emails sent to this address will reach every site member.
  • The tool Announcements offers much of the same functionality as the Email Archive. In the Email Archive you can only send messages with your ordinary email client, while in Announcements you can send messages from within Mondo. If you already use Announcements on your site there is really no need to also use Email Archive.
  • The default setting of the tool is that also students can send emails to the Email Archive. Teachers/Owners of the site can prevent this by changing the settings under "Permissions".
  • When you add the tool Email Archive to your site an email address consisting of the site name is created. If you want to change the email address you click “Options” and add your new address. The old address will also still function.

An example of the view for received mails in the tool Email archive

An example of the view for received mails in the tool Email archive