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What is Modules?

With the tool Modules you can structure different educational resources like text, images, documents and links. Each module represents a specific course step, or any other subdivision of the course content. By using modules, you can guide the students and give them a path through the course material.

Suggestions for use

  • With modules, you can create "classes" where the participant can be guided from one class to the next.
  • With the print function it is easy for participants to print all text instructions for a specific module.
  • The function to import and export modules allow you to create a structure that can be re-used on another site.
  • Modules can be used to give participants an overview of the course outline (if it is a course).

Things to consider

  • Note! Currently there is an error in the tool that makes it impossible to add content/text by means of the text editor. You are therefore limited to only add links or files in you modules.
  • If you feel that it is enough with a simple structure of the course material, and mainly need to distribute files to the site participants, it is better to use the tool Resources instead. In Resources you can create a main folder for each course module and add files to the relevant folder.

An example of the Module tool

An example of the Module tool