Missing site (troubleshooting)

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Student, is your course site missing?

  1. Have you registered for the course? Make sure you are registered for the course on external link: minastudier.su.se
  2. If you have just registered for the course, it may take up to 4 hours before you can access your site at Mondo
  3. If you are a member on many sites, the new one may perhaps be found under the tab "My active sites".
  4. Contact your teacher if the above measures didn't help.

NOTE! If your teacher is not able to solve the problem then he/she should contact helpdesk.

Teacher, are some of your students not able to access your site?

  1. Has the site been created? Sites are not automatically created in Mondo. They are usually created by either the course administrator or the teacher. (Note that the site must have the status "published" in Mondo)
  2. Have you imported the correct LADOK-participant list? Double check that you have used the correct codes for both "course" and the "course occasion".
  3. If you have a problem with only a few students, check if they have been correctly registered for the course. You can do that for example by checking on external link: Ladok on the web and do a search for the specific students/registrations.
  4. If the student has recently registered for the course it may take up to 4 hours before the site will turn up for him/her in Mondo.
  5. It might help in some cases to click on the "update participants" button on the bottom of "site info" to quicken the synchronisation between Mondo and Ladok.
  6. Have you manually registered participants on the site? Note that you can´t use email adress to register participants, you need to enter their university account (example: ansv9382@su.se). In case it is a so called "guest account" you need to type "@guest.su.se" at the end of the university account (example: per.andersson@guest.su.se)

If the above measures do not help, then teachers should take contact with helpdesk through external link: serviceportalen.su.se.

NOTE! Do not recommend the students to directly contact helpdesk as helpdesk is generally not able to help in cases like this without first contacting the teacher.