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What is News?

Many external websites use so called RSS-feeds to publish news or other content in a "feed", which can be subscribed to, using a RSS-reader. The tool News can be used as an RSS-reader on your site, and you can subscribe to one or more feeds which becomes available in the left hand side menu in Mondo.

Suggestions for use

If you as a teacher often want to use an RSS-feed, this tool is very useful to import that feed to your site. You can add multiple feeds to one site.

Things to consider

  • If you have external web pages with useful and relevant information for the course it could be meaningful to add an RSS-feed for these pages. For optimal use, the RSS-feed should come from a web page that is updated fairly often. If that isn´t the case you should consider just adding links to the web pages in the tool Resources or Syllabus instead.
  • Many departments at SU offer their own RSS-feeds. Look for the RSS-feed icon RSS-ikon that is found next to the search field and right-click the icon to copy the link. This link can then be used when you want to create a new RSS-feed on your Mondo site.
  • You cannot create your own RSS-feeds in this tool. You can only subscribe to other available RSS-feeds.
  • It is a good idea to rename the tool from "News" to something more descriptive.
  • Once activated, the feed is available to all site members without exceptions.

An example of an RSS feed

An example of an RSS feed