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What is Resources?

In the tool Resources you can upload, collect and share resources with the site's participants. You can choose to make files only accessible for site members, or make them public for viewing without a login. Besides uploading files, you can also create HTML pages and simple text document and publish web links.

Suggestions for use

In Resources you can select which users/groups have access to certain folders or files. For instance you can create folders for usage in group assignments, and in this way create a place for students to share documents between each other. You can also upload files that are hidden except between certain dates. That way you can prepare your course site prior to the course start.

Things to consider

  • The default setting is that only teachers/owners of a site have permission to upload files to the tool Resources. It is possible to change this setting, either for the all resources or for specific folders that you create.
  • If you want resources on one site to be available for participants on another site you must copy these resources over to the new site. Participants outside of your first site does not have permission to view content, even if you link directly to it. If you have made the content publicly available on the first site, however, you can link to it in your new site.
  • The total amount of storage you have available for one site is 1 GB, and is calculated based on all content on your site - not only in Resources. If you need more storage, contact external link: In Resources you can only upload files that are a maximum of 100 Mb each. This limit can be exceeded if you use WebDAV for uploading.
  • If you, on a regular basis, need to upload/download many files simultaneously to/from Resources it could be easier to connect to the tool Resources by means of the “WebDAV”-protocol. That gives the ability to transfer files back and forth between Resources as it was a common folder on your computer. Choose the menu link “Upload-Download Multiple Resources” on top of the page in the tool Resources for more information. We recommend that you connect to Web-DAV through a free of charge third-party client like BitKinex external link: since it doesn´t work very well to do this directly in Windows/Macintosh.
  • In the event that you have a lot of resources uploaded to this tool, it can take a while for the tool to load in your browser.

The graphical interface of the Resources tool

The graphical interface of the Resources tool