Roster/Site members

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What is Roster?

Roster is an overview tool. In the roster, site participants are displayed with name, photo and profile information based on which setting you choose (Overview, Pictures and Group Membership). To access a participant's user profile, simply click on their name. You can also export the roster to an Excel-document in order to get quick access to all participants e-mail addresses.

Suggestions for use

There are many ways to communicate through Mondo which sometimes can be confusing. To avoid having to check messages in several different tools in Mondo it could be a good idea to rely on ordinary e-mail as the main communication channel. In this case you can easily find the e-mail addresses to all participants in the Roster tool. Encourage site participants to upload a picture of themselves in their Mondo profile. It will then be easier for teachers and students to connect names and faces and find contact information.

Things to consider

  • Note that this tool is called "Site Members" when using british english in Mondo, but "Roster" when using american english.
  • Certain information about the site participants are gathered from SUKAT like e-mail, name and user ID for the University account. This information cannot be changed within Mondo.
  • Users can access their profile settings by clicking the tab “My Workspace” and then choosing “Profile” in the left hand menu.

An example on how the roster tool can look like

An example of the roster tool