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What is Section Info?

Teachers and administrators can use the tool Section Info to organize site participant’s choice of groups, or choice of course module. The tool is shaped after the American school system where it is common with “sections”, which means that students choose specific series of e.g. seminars, lab work, group work, etc. which always takes place the same time and day of the week.

Suggestions for use

One scenario of use could be a course that includes sub-courses which will have their own Mondo sites. The teacher can then use Section Info to let the students choose which sub-courses to attend. The choices made can then be used by the teacher to enter the correct students on each Mondo site. Another scenario might be if you have a course consisting of different modules, and you need to divide the students into groups, e.g. for doing assignments together.

Things to consider

  • Section Info is adjusted to “sections” according to the American school system (see above), which means that there are some limitations for what and how much you can allow the students to choose. E.g. you cannot set a specific date for a course module since the tool assumes that it is a “series” that are to be repeated every week. The tool also assumes that students only can attend one series per category, which means that you cannot create three different lectures and ask the students to choose which ones to attend, since students only can choose one of these. Therefore you can only use Site Info to let the students make a few choices.
  • Section Info works in a similar way as Site Info, which means that students belonging to a specific section can get access to group specific forums and resources etc. Teachers can also choose to send information to specific groups.
  • You can specify the number of participants that can fit into each group.
  • For students to be able to choose teaching session, that option has to be enabled/configured for every instance.
  • If you want to use the groups created in Section Info in the tool Forum, it is advisable to activate Forums before you create the groups.

An example of the view where a student can choose between modules

An example of the view where a student can choose between modules