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What is Site Info?

In Site Info, much that concerns the site is administered. For example here you can add/remove tools, manage participant groups and edit information about the site. The tool is best described as the brain of the site.

Suggestions for use

  • Create/edit participant groups which can then be used in several site tools.
  • Hide tools that participants don't use during the course.

Links to user guides:

Create a site

Add and remove tools

Create and manage groups

Add and manage participants

Reuse material and copy sites

Edit tool names and the order in the menu to the left (and hide tools for participants)

Things to consider

  • Since the tool Site Info only is valid for teachers and owners of the site, you can hide it for the students so it isn´t shown in the left hand menu. Choose “Page order” and mark the icon with the light bulb for “Site Info”. (Note! This does not always work in Internet Explorer.)
  • Administrating participants are done in the tool Site Info and not in the tool Roster. Roster only shows a list over all site members.