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What is Statistics?

With this tool you can get different statistics on how participants use the site. You can see how many times it has been visited, which participants who have never visited, how active the participants are in a particular tool, how often a file is downloaded and by whom.

Suggestions for use

You can get a list of the participants that never visited the site, which gives an indication of what students who are inactive and at risk of not completing the course.

Create reports that display which tools has been used most frequently on a site, or take the opportunity to gather data as grounds for a course evaluation with this tool. Examples of some predefined reports are:

  • Total site activity
  • Most used files in Resources

Things to consider

  • This tool is only utilized by users with the role Administrator or Teacher, the tool and its information is not available to participants with the role Student or Participant. On the other hand it is possible to create and export PDF-reports.
  • You can get detailed statistics divided by participants or group of participants if you create your own report or modify one of the existing predefined reports.
  • The tool Statistics must be added on the site to be able to collect data. When you create new sites the tool is by default included on your site.

An example of the statistics tool

An example of the statistics tool

An example of a custom diagram in the statistics tool

An example of the statistics tool