Tests & Quizzes

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What is Tests & Quizzes?

With this tool you can create various tests. Whether they are multiple-choice questions, smaller essays or true/false statements to fill out, is up to you. You can make tests limited with respect to time, so that they are only open for taking during certain dates, and it is possible to allow submissions either as attachments or text written in the tool's text editor. You can create tests with many different types of questions, store them in a database and have the tool generate randomized tests based on these questions.

Many properties can be changed for tests, such as who can take the test, if you will be able to take the test only once or several times and if teachers should be able to give feedback. By making different question types and grade them in a point scale you can make self-grading tests. You can also export or import tests to other sites. The results of taken tests are saved in the Tests & Quizzes tool, but can also be connected to the tool Gradebook.

Suggestions for use

Tests & Quizzes is a suitable tool for checking students' knowledge by letting them choose between alternatives where one or more answers are correct or false. These kinds of questions can be automatically graded, whereas questions demanding an explanation from the student, a reasoning or an argument of some sort, must be manually corrected. If you want to create an assignment consisting on much reasoning or application of factual knowledge on a case, the tool Assignments might be better suited.

Tests & Quizzes can to some extent be used for course evaluations, but we recommend that you use the University tool external link: Survey&Report instead.

Things to consider

  • Sometimes it takes a few tries for students to feel comfortable with taking online tests, so it might be a good idea to consider making practice-tests before the final test
  • All aspects that are valid for home examinations are valid for online tests.
  • The settings for giving feedback are important. Automatic grading is only possible for certain question types; true/false statements, multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank. Automatic grading is not available for short answers, essay questions or uploaded documents. These must be corrected and graded manually.
  • Do not use the feedback option for final exams because students then can see the correct answer before they enter their submission.
  • If you use time-limited tests, make sure the students know what to do if there is technical difficulties, like for instance login problems.
  • A question bank (questions stored in a database) is personal. You can give other teachers permission to use your questions, but they can never make changes in your question bank.