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Create an assignment

Step 1

Click on the tool Assignments in the menu to the left and then choose Add.


Step 2

Give the assignment a title and write instructions in the big text area.


Step 3

Choose ”Submission Details” and ”Number of allowed submissions”. By default, students can only make one submission, but sometimes it can be useful to allow more than one. I.e. if you want to allow students to submit a draft for review before submitting the final version. It is also possible to allow unlimited number of submissions. Students can then change their submissions until the due date for the assignment.

You can also choose to mark the “Require honor pledge?” check box. That means that students must click on a confirmation button and assure that he/she has not got any external help in solving the assignment.


Step 4

Fill in the date from which the assignment will be available (the open date), the due date and the last date for submission.

Note! If you wish to allow for submissions after the due date, set the last date for submission to a later date. The student will only see the due date. An assignment that is submitted after the due date, but before the last date, will automatically be marked as “late”. After the last date for submission no assignments can be submitted.


Step 5

If you want, it is possible to publish the grade for the assignments in the tool “Results” (make sure that the tool Results is added to the site). Click on “Create a new Gradebook Item”.


Step 6

Here you can choose if you want the grades to be published immediatly for the student. Otherwise you have to manually publish them at a later stage.

Fill in the form and click on ”Add item”. (By doing so you are creating a corresponding post in Results where the grade will be shown.)


Step 7

If you want to check the submitted documents for plagiarism you activate the checkbox "Use text comparison tool".

external link: More guides on how you can use the text comparison tool (Urkund).


Finish by clicking on Save.

The new assignment shall appear in the list with assignments. When text comparison is activated for an assignment a red symbol is shown on the right side of the title.