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Create a blog entry

A participant can have one blog per site and the blog name cannot be changed. The entries you create are created on your own blog, even if you are reading someone else blog on the site. If you are authorized you can leave comments on other participants blogs. To create a blog entry, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to the site you want to create a blog entry on and click on the tool Blog in the menu to the left. If you cannot find the Blog tool you need to add it to your site first. You can read how to add and remove tools here.

Click on "My blog".


Step 2

Click on Add blog entry.


Step 3

Write the title and the content in your blog entry.


Step 4

Decide who will see the blog entry. The standard setting is that the entry is publicly viewable. This means that all site participants can see the entry and anyone on the internet that has the address to the site can see it as well.


Step 5

Finish by clicking on Publish entry, or by clicking on Save Draft if your entry shall be published later. Remember that only you can see your drafts. To make it visible to others you need to publish it.

If you want to distribute you blog entry to people outside your site you can find the address to the site if you click on “Permalink” below your published post.