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A site is the platform for a course or a project where participants can communicate with each other and collect content in different ways. There are two types of sites in Mondo, course sites and project sites. The only significant difference between the two, are that on course sites you have the possibility to import students from LADOK. The sites you have access to are shown as tabs at the top. If you have access to many site you cannot see them all, but they are available from the tab “My active sites” at the top on the right side.

Both teachers and students can create sites, but only teachers can create course sites.

The Site tabs in Mondo


All site participants are given a specific role that determines which permissions you have regarding making changes on the site. The most common roles are Teacher and Student. A participant with the role teacher has full access to the site and can add/delete participants, add tools etc. A participant with the role student can access all necessary information on the site, but cannot make any changes.

The user interface of Mondo can look different depending on what role you have on a site.

There are more roles in Mondo and the roles are named differently depending on if it is a course site or a project site. The analogy to the roles Teacher and Student on a course site is Owner and Participant on a project site.


A site in Mondo is structured with tools for different functions. You can read more about each tool in “Information about tools” that you find in the left menu for the help pages. Examples of common tools are:

  • Resources
  • Forums
  • Assignments

The tools you add to your site are shown in the left hand side menu of Mondo:

Added tools are shown in the menu to the left

My workspace

In the tab ”My workspace” to the left in the horizontal tab menu, you can set personal preferences for Mondo. E.g. you can change language and configure you profile. Guide to the most common settings

The tab "My Workspace"